PREMIERE EP Resolutions [DHS]

Atualizado: 22 de Set de 2020


The search for the unknown is one of the premises of our label and this is how we will help to reveal new producers in the scene. Who presents us with another great work is the producer from Santa Catarina Felippe Yann with an EP of 3 original tracks, including the intro "Vox" and the pumps "Aggro" and "Tone Of Today".

Resolutions EP carries a certain air of mystery and tension with a sci-fi / electro aesthetic, a style that has always hovered around his works. Techno is also present from the first track, which gains a heavenly progressive line in “Aggro”, taking you to a musical black hole. “Tone Of Today” shakes and brainwashes you with a robotic speech accompanied by bubbling acid lines. A heavy EP made for dark dance floors.

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