My 1st Sample Pack is Out!

Link: https://felippeyann.bandcamp.com/album/pack-001-loops-and-grooves

Some infos about Pack 001 - Loops and Grooves:

- all loops - 130bpm

- some of the samples have the reverb tail, so

pay attention when your DAW warps them. Again, all

loops are at 130bpm.

- loops that have some kind of musical

tone are described with "[note]"

- these loops and samples were synthesized from

scratch, so feel free to use them however you

want, I just ask you not to resell

them without changes.

This pack contains:

- 8 Kicks

- 43 Drums/Percs Loops

- 13 Pads and Synths

- 3 Basses and 1 Bass loop

- any questions, please contact me

at felippe.yann@gmail.com

- I hope you like it and enjoy it

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- instagram.com/felippeyann

- soundcloud.com/felippeyann

Check my music on Spotify

- https://open.spotify.com/artist/5KEvqNO8mURbwguap4oKLD

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